Environmental Protection Occupational Health And Safety Policy

The principles of SARKUYSAN A.Ş. concerning environmental protection, occupational health and safety policy are:

  • To use clean technologies which do not pollute the environment and minimize waste with recycling possibilities in the production of products in accordance with the requirements of our customers,
  • Within the framework of our Environmental Management System which is based on continuous improvement, to ensure the efficient use of energy and natural resources for sustainable development and to develop systems which prevent pollution.
  • To take all necessary measures in order to prevent workplace accidents and to preserve our employees from occupational diseases,
  • To comply with the requirements of environmental, occupational health and safety legislation and approved code of practice in the course of activities,
  • To set achievable objectives, continuously seek to improve them and improving environmental performance
  • To ensure the effective implementation of Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety Systems and to educate and train the employees to raise awareness.
  • Our policies are accessible to all intersted parties and the public for information purposes,
  • We undertake to make efforts with all our employees to achieve these principles.

Scope of certification production of;

  • Copper Cathode, Electrolytic Coper (ETP/OF): Rods, Wire Rods, Wires, Flat Wires, Profiles, Tin Coated Wires, Nickel Coated Wires, Multi Wires, Bunched Wires
  • Mode of Silver Alloyed Oxygen Free Electrolytic Copper: Rods, Flat Wires, Profiles,
  • Aluminium and Alloys: Wires, Multi Wires, Bunched Wires
  • Copper Ingot, Copper Tube, Copper Bus Bar, PV Ribbon Wire

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