Shareholding and Capital Structure

Shareholding Structure

Shareholding (%)
1-Board of Directors and Auditors
Hayrettin ÇAYCI Chairman 9,45
Hamit MÜCELLİT Vice Chairman 0,73
A.Hamdi BEKTAŞ Director 2,35
Maksut URUN Director 1,12
Cenap TAŞKIN Director 2,31
Turgay ŞOHOĞLU Director 1,26
Bekir MENETLİOĞLU Director 1,00
Fatma Burcu CESUR Director 0,51
Ayhan ZEYTİNOĞLU Independent Director -
Mehmet BAHTİYAR Independent Director -
Virma SÖKMEN Independent Director -
Total 18,73
2-Shareholders with 5% or more Shareholdings
Şükrü KİLİMCİ 7,50
3-Other Shareholders 73,77

Capital Shares


Capital TL

Number Of Shares
Grup A Registered(*) 10 1000
Grup B Bearer 199.999.990,00 19.999.999.000
Toplam 200.000.000,00

*There are no privileges concerning the use of votes. Only as a requirement of our articles of association, in board of director member elections, 5 of the Board members are selected amongst the candidates nominated by shareholders of the (A) group and 4 candidates nominated by the (B) group shareholders, after which the selection is made by the General Assembly.