Shareholding and Capital Structure

Shareholding Structure

Shareholding (%)
1-Board of Directors and Auditors
Hayrettin ÇAYCI Chairman 9,51
Hamit MÜCELLİT Vice Chairman 0,75
A.Hamdi BEKTAŞ Director 2,98
Maksut URUN Director -
Cenap TAŞKIN Director 2,34
Nurtekin KEÇECİ Director -
Turgay ŞOHOĞLU Director 1,28
Bekir MENETLİOĞLU Director 1,00
Fatma Burcu CESUR Director 0,52
Ayhan ZEYTİNOĞLU Independent Director -
Mehmet BAHTİYAR Independent Director -
Virma SÖKMEN Independent Director -
İlfeta AKSOY Independent Director -
Mehmet Ali YILDIRIMTÜRK Independent Director 0,01
Total 18,39
2-Shareholders with 5% or more Shareholdings
Şükrü KİLİMCİ 7,43
İbrahim KİLİMCİ 5,00
3-Other Shareholders 69,18

Capital Shares


Capital TL

Number Of Shares
Grup A Registered(*) 20 2000
Grup B Bearer 399.999.980,00 39.999.998.000
Toplam 400.000.000,00

*There are no privileges concerning the use of votes. Only as a requirement of our articles of association, in board of director member elections, 5 of the Board members are selected amongst the candidates nominated by shareholders of the (A) group and 4 candidates nominated by the (B) group shareholders, after which the selection is made by the General Assembly.